Today's devotion in Power to Change Suzanne Bener refers to the closing versus of Acts as Paul's resume.  Her point is that a resume states your experience and why someone should hire you.  In Acts, Paul does seem to close with clarifying why others should listen to him and follow him.  So I do see the point she is making. 

These statements are directed to the Christian followers to give more credibility to Paul.  Following the resume example, we Christian's are the "hiring party" and Paul is the "applicant".  Although Paul already has the job, he is appealing to Christians to believe why he has the job and why they should follow him.  No where in Acts is Paul trying to appeal to Christ.  He already has the approval of Christ as he is.

However, the closing question at the end of the devotional is this: "What can you include in your résumé for God? How can you begin to add humility, diligence and passion for Jesus to your résumé?"

It is the phrase "resume for God" that strikes me.  Paul was not writing his resume for God, it was his resume for us Christians.  God does not require a resume.  We are not to "prove" our worth with our deeds or experiences.  Those deeds we add to our resume are for others to see.  When others see our example, and how we live for Christ, perhaps they will find cause to examine within them their own relationship with Christ.